Good Things About Your High Schooler Studying Abroad

Having your high schooler study abroad can be beneficial for them for a lot of different reasons. They will be able to experience new things and learn more about the world they live in and learn more about themselves. If you are wondering whether or not your teenager should study abroad, you can learn more about the different things the experience can offer by reading further. They can learn more about themselves Read More 

Are You A Teacher Switching To Virtual School? Why You Need Distance Learning Services

Change can happen at any time. Every area of your life can be affected by transitions and your work life is no exception. You may find yourself in a physical classroom one day, instructing the students. The following day you may switch over to a virtual format where you are no longer in the same space as the pupils you are teaching. How can you best navigate the change and make it work for both you and the learners? Read More 

4 Tips To Get Your Daughter Ready For A Catholic High School

Catholic schools provide a comprehensive education to students. The curriculum in Catholic schools is based in science, current educational methods, and the Bible. Many Catholic schools provide single-sex environments where young people can learn without the distraction of the opposite sex. Here are four things you can encourage your daughter to do when she's planning to attend an all-girls Catholic high school. 1. Get familiar with the student handbook. Read More 

4 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About School

1. Encourage your child to explore subjects they're interested in. If your child isn't excited about school, it could be because they aren't engaged with the material. Try to notice and foster your child's natural interests. If your child shows an interest in science, help them set up some simple experiments in the kitchen. If they're interested in art, help your child acquire the materials they need to make a painting. Read More 

3 Ways to Help Your Shy Child Thrive in School

Some children are naturally quieter than others. If your child is a little intimidated by other people and could be described as "shy," the school environment could be challenging for them. After all, in school, they are asked to interact with others and be around other children all day. Most children eventually overcome shyness with age. However, in the meantime, there are a few things you can do to make school easier on your shy child. Read More